About this blog

This is about the best of Denver’s food scene.

Current challenge:

The Top 10 Burgers in Denver

In advance of the upcoming “Denver Burger Bash” cook-off in mid-August, I will be sampling burgers from all over Denver, from icons to newbies and everything in between, in search of the top 10 burgers.

Previous challenges:

Denver Magazine’s Top 100 Must Eats

Recently, there was an article in Denver Magazine listing the top 100 must eats in the city with the question “how many you can check off?”.   I took this on as a challenge, and undertook the following mission:

Eat all 100 dishes on that list and write about it.

What you’ll find here are the results of this gluttonous challenge:

- photos of every dish

- ratings from 1-10

- a few words of review

I’ve included the list from the magazine on “THE 100 CHALLENGE LIST” section of the blog for you to check out.  I hope you’ll tell me when I’m dead wrong or on the mark.  Should be fun.


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