The Top 100 List: #96 The Fort’s “Roasted Bison Bone Marrow”


The Fort’s “Roast Bison Marrow Bones”

Location: Morrison

Rating: 6.5 (out of 10)

Price:  $18

The Skinny: Ahhhh… The Fort.  What would a Must-Eat list be without this place?  The adobe walls, the roaring outdoor fire, and the bizarre one-of-a-kind meat options for the courageous.  When I tried my first Rocky Mountain Oysters, this is where I came.  No one does out-of-mainstream like these guys.  Scanning the menu, you might find choices such as duck quesadilla and bison tongue on your way to ordering the enormous must-eat Marrow Bones.

One caution: it is a hell of a lot of show for what basically amounts to a cracker spread.  And an $18 dollar show at that.  The plate arrives at the table with 4 huge bones the size of my forearms, all stacked criss-cross and rising above the plate like a small… oh hell… a small Fort.  The bone-fort is surrounded by crostinis waiting to be topped with the gelatinous spread and devoured by you, bone-eating carnivore.

I’m sure the taste isn’t for everyone, but for those who enjoy such things, it is lovely.  Light and packed full of meat flavor and grease.  For me, being a part of the group that enjoys the taste of pure fat, I found myself scraping the dried bone remains to get just one last remnant of flavor.  “Good” – but just missing “Very Good” by the incredible amount of regret involved afterward.


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