Denver Magazine’s top 100 must eats: #10 Cherry Cricket White Cheddar Green Chili burger


Cherry Cricket “White Cheddar Green Chili Burger”

Rating: 6

The Skinny: I’ve often said that The Cherry Cricket is the Honda Civic of the Denver burger scene.  It’s never gonna wow you, but it also won’t let you down either.  Exhibit A: The white cheddar and green chili burger.  Toppings were fairly flavorless, but once again, the excellent meat redeems it.  You always leave thinking, “that was good… not great, but pretty good”

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10 Responses to “Denver Magazine’s top 100 must eats: #10 Cherry Cricket White Cheddar Green Chili burger”

  • Kelly Says:

    This burger is just okay. I generally think Cherry Cricket is overrated.

  • Alex Says:

    I don’t know what you are talking about cherry cricket is a great f ing burger. Honda civic? Try Audi RS6.

  • Sebastian Says:

    Yeah I agree with Alex. Cherry Cricket is probably top five in Denver as far as burgers go. Honda Civic, are you serious? If the Cherry Cricket burger is a Honda Civic the rest of the Denver Burgers are Kias and Ford Pintas. What is wrong with your top 100. Half of the dishes you gave mediocre or bad reviews, how are they in your top 100?

  • Lola Says:

    Yo you supposed food critic what burgers are you eating Kobe beef burgers. Cherry Crickets is a real burger. It focuses on the meat and not the accouterments. Wtf!

  • danny Says:

    kelly the cherry cricket is far from overrated

  • jko Says:

    Dear Alex/Danny/Lola/Sebastian,
    It’s totally obvious you are the same person. I like disagreement and comments, but it’s ok to do it all under one name without posing as other people. With that out of the way… a couple of things:
    1. It is not MY Top 100 must eats in Denver – the list was created by Denver Magazine. I’m rating their selections of best 100 dishes in the city. All spelled out in the “about this blog” section of the site
    2. No, I’m not used to eating Kobe burgers (although I had one the other day, review to come). You can see from my favorites that I think the Johnny Burger from My Brothers Bar is the best in Denver. Doesn’t get much greasier than that.

  • Kelly Says:

    Yes…clearly someone works for the Cherry Cricket…enough with the car references, the burger is totally average and nothing more

  • Leo Says:

    Really? You had a Kobe burger “the other day”? Were you in Japan? Kobe is ONLY raised in Japan, and they do NOT export it. You might have had Wagyu beef, but NOT Kobe.

    Hence, all your opinions are worthless.

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