The Top 100 List: #92 Sushi Den’s “Wild Copper River Salmon”

Sushi Den

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Sushi Den is a citywide treasure.  Run by a couple of brothers, they consistently turn out the freshest and most delicious sushi in our land-locked town.  Part of the reason for their success is just the sheer difficulty in pulling the damn thing off.  One brother lives in Japan and gets up at 4am to pick through and select the best fish in the market.  Then he vacuum seals it in dry ice and ships it here, where it arrives on our plates 24 hours later.  An impressive feat considering it happens every single day.

Regrettably, the Wild Copper River Salmon is one of those dishes that’s available for only about a month during the year (mid-May to mid-June).  As such, I could not give it a taste and report back.  I have had Copper River Salmon before and am familiar with the wonderful flavors.  I’ll be excited to give it a whirl the next time it rolls around – for such a specialty fish, there is no where else to go but here.

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