The Top 100 List #89: Twelve Restaurant’s “Sweetbreads”


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I’ve been to Twelve in the past 4 or 5 months and had an amazing meal.  The beef short ribs on the menu that night were nothing less than outstanding – so I was really looking forward to sampling their “must-eat” sweetbreads.  Alas, when researching their menu over the past 3 months, it has not made a reappearance.

If there is one issue with Twelve, it’s this.  The menu changes monthly, so more than likely whatever dish you had that blew your mind will be gone once you return.  I was disappointed to read recently that Jeff Osaka, the owner of Twelve, hasn’t quite had the success he hoped for with the restaurant.  And that’s a damn shame -by all accounts, the food has been excellent -  and I can say that the space is comfortable and warm, and the service is attentive.  Here’s hoping he and his ever-changing menu will stick around.  For every Troy Guard, challenging our palate with harmonious complexities, we need a Jeff Osaka, turning out simple and deep flavors.  It’s a great addition to the Denver food scene.

I’ll keep up with the menu, and report back once the sweetbreads come  around.

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