The Top 100 List: #86 Bistro Vendome’s “Pommes Frites”


Bistro Vendome’s “Pommes Frites”

Location: Downtown

Rating: 6.5 (out of 10)

Price:  $4

The Skinny: About mid-way through dinner, I look around and try to determine if I like the fact that I’m seated outside of the restaurant, in a glorified hallway or not.  On one hand, it feels kinda like I’m outside a café, with chit-chat all around, and fake trees to make the scene.  On the other hand, I’m in a goddamn hallway – with windows next to me of a dark, closed dress store.  I decide to make the most of it and order a small feast for the table, the highly acclaimed Pommes Frites as piece de resistance.

6.5  is where I’d put them.  Better than good, but not quite great.  I don’t know what this odd trend is of putting sugar on French fries, but Vendome and TAG better cut it the hell out.  On top of the crispy, herb-seasoned fries was a sugary sweet syrup.  It deflated the crunch out of the fry and stuck to my hands after every bite.  Taste-wise, it was fine at first, but got tiresome towards the end – the novelty of the sweet flavor wearing out its welcome.  In general, I did really enjoy the herbs de provence seasoning, and thought the crust on the fries were great before it was done in by the hummingbird food.


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3 Responses to “The Top 100 List: #86 Bistro Vendome’s “Pommes Frites””

  • Jen Says:

    If you try them again, ask for the sauce on the site….then dip as desired, that’s what I do, much better that way. Still not a 10 in my opinion, but much more savory, which is what I think they should be.

  • jko Says:

    Very smart, Jen. That should do the trick. I still think the fries at Jonesy’s are top for Denver. Outside of Denver, I lovvve the fries at Claim Jumper. And yeah, I know it’s a chain. But they’re awesome.

  • ~G Says:

    I agree with Jen u need a lil dipping sauce… even if you choose a lil ketchup. I get cravings for these. It’s one of the only good things there. :/ I would definitely give them at least a 7.5. :) (Don’t know what else u would eat w/ them.)

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