The Top 100 List: #83 Locanda Del Borgo’s “House Sausages with Roasted Bell Peppers”


Locanda Del Borgo’s “House Sausages and Roasted Bell Peppers”

Location: Cherry Creek Area

Rating: 5 (out of 10)

Price:  $12

The Skinny: “Locanda del Borgo” in English translates into “Inn of the village”.  Yes, I looked it up.  The name certainly fits, seeing as how it’s located in the residential part of Cherry Creek – steps away from what I imagine are homes containing stroller-pushing moms and husbands with Bluetooth where ears used to be.   The restaurant itself is semi-chic in a minimalist way – stone floors, brick walls, shining silver, wide open and dark.  Just the kind of village spot to order some authentic Italian with a glass of wine.

After my first couple of bites, I really wished I had that wine.  Maybe it would make me forget about the charred-to-hell outside of the sausage.  It was carbon city.  They should have served it with a grille scraper.  Yeah, the inside of the sausage was good and juicy, but nothing could take my mind and tastebuds off of the awful casing.  After taking my knife and running it down the side of the sausage, painting my plate black, it was redeemed to average.

I will say this, though – the service was excellent.  I ordered a pizza to go, and since my hands were full, the waiter took the time to leave the restaurant and walk to over it to my car.  Above and beyond what I generally expect.


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