The Top 100 List #82: The Palm’s “Jumbo Nova Scotia”


The Palm’s “Jumbo Nova Scotia”

Location: Downtown

Rating: 6.5 (out of 10)

Price:  Read Below for the answer

The Skinny: Take a guess at how much the Jumbo Nova Scotia costs at The Palm:

A)    $25

B)     $35

C)    $40

D)    $66

For those who guessed the ridiculous D, you would be correct.  It’s the sort of thing that’s just obnoxiously ostentatious.  A full grown lobster split open end-to-end.  A” big bastard”, as my father-in-law would say – the thing was all of 3 pounds and nearly took up the whole table.  The plate comes complete with a bib that the waiter ties onto you (for the butter drip, of course!), and a guy to crack the son-of-a-bitch open and present you the meaty parts.

Was it good?  Yeah… it was good.  It was good in that over-the-top kinda way.  If I was trying to wine and dine someone and let them know I was out to impress them, this would be my jam.  It’s just such a display.  Taste-wise, the lobster is cooked nicely and is plenty fine and good.  But… I have to say that for me, there comes a point when there is too much lobster.  Go ahead and shake your head – tell me I’m crazy.  Then have this dish.  At the end, you’ll see what I mean – It’s all one-note.  And the lobster is HUGE, so it’s ton of one note.

The waiter, upon hearing my order of an $85 dish (with tax & tip), slightly brightened his eyes and started going off about how I had to join their Club.  It’s a standard rewards club that costs $25 to join.  I was polite, but didn’t express interest – I’m not a normal Palm patron.  The man proceeded to hound me for the better part of an hour about why I should join and whether or not I had filled out my membership info on the brochure he gave me.  I felt like I was in Cancun getting pitched a timeshare.  Come on guy… you’re a waiter at a fancy restaurant, not a salesman at a swap meet.

** Bonus Question: On an average day, how many of these dishes do they sell at the Palm in Denver?  (I asked the waiter to stop him from talking about the goddamn club for one second)


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