The Top 100 List: #81 Indulge French Bistro’s “Tea Infused Orange Soup”


Indulge’s “Tea Infused Orange Soup”

Location: Highlands

Rating: 6 (out of 10)

Price:  $7

The Skinny: Indulge caught me a little by surprise.  Located on a stretch of 38th that’s not exactly glamorous, the outside of the restaurant is fairly uninspiring.  Like you might walk in and get a good home cooked French meal for under $20 bucks.  In actuality, once you step through the door, you’re immediately struck by the sense that this is, in fact, fine dining.  Upscale food, high prices, and I’d argue – something of elegance.   Well, maybe it was the wonderfully fitting French accent of the female owner that gave it the elegant flair.  Who among us doesn’t fall for a French accent?  It was all a much different scene than what I was expecting from the outside.  A pleasant surprise, to be sure.

Their Tea Infused Orange Soup was a solid 6 on my scale, and not with any bad feelings – it was respectable and good.  The citrus of the orange is balanced very well with the sweetness in the soup broth.  Apparently, it’s supposed to have flavors of roasted pistachios in there as well, which definitely caught my eye, but I didn’t taste any of it.  That was my only disappointment.  What was there was good enough to make me finish every drop of the sugary sweet soup.  It’s probably not on my list of Denver’s must eats, but it was refreshing and nice.

* My apologies for the ridiculously bad photo.


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