The Top 100 List: #80 TAG’s “Szechuan Colorado Lamb”


TAG’s “Szechuan Colorado Lamb”

Location: Downtown

Rating: 9 (out of 10)

Price: $29

The Skinny: TAG is fairly new to the Larimer Square scene, but it’s gonna have a long run.  The food is inventive and exciting, the chef (Troy Guard) is getting tremendous buzz, and the feel of the restaurant is hip and inviting.  You get the sense that the chef is saying “here – try this.  Yeah, it’s pop rocks on fish, but you’ll love it”. And you’ll love it.  Then, he’ll serve you French onion soup in the form of 5 dumplings on an escargot dish.  And you’ll love it.  As each dish makes you trust the chef a little more, you might allow him to challenge you and push you to try things you haven’t heard of or don’t quite understand

Such was the case with the ridiculously good Szechuan Colorado Lamb.  The perfectly cooked meat is served over a vegetable couscous, and surrounded by a mysterious and colorful “dragon sauce”.  Now, I don’t know what dragon sauce is, and I suspect no one else does either, but you trust Guard.  The plate arrives and the sauce is an eye-catcher.  Vibrant green and red, and everywhere.  The first taste of it was sweet and light with a slight pepper bend that went perfectly with the lamb and couscous.  The lamb, as it should for 30 bucks, was cooked to a beautiful meadium rare and was every bit as excellent as you hope lamb will be.  An outstanding dish overall

TAG has a wonderfully bright future, with its star chef pushing delighted fans with dishes like “lobster caramel ice cream”, and cooking nearly everything in duck fat.  I expect big things from him in the future –  this guy has got to be one of the top 2 or 3 chefs in the whole city.


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