The Top 100 List: #79 Cuba Cuba’s “Arroz Con Pollo”


Cuba Cuba’s “Arroz con Pollo”

Location: Speer and 12th

Rating: 7.5 (out of 10)

Price: $17

The Skinny: I had only been to Cuba Cuba one other time than this – and under much different circumstances.  My friend had a thing for one of the waitresses and needed to pretend like we were there for a drink so he could hit on her.  So, my role was more or less like a job.  I was to be the decoy and I rocked the part.  Finally this time, unencumbered with such bullshit, I could focus on the food… and the ambiance.  The latter of which is worth noting, since it is simultaneously hip and island-like: beach-worn table tops, palm frond fans, and more 28-39 year olds in jeans than a U2 concert.

The dish was a total hit for me.  Very, very good – I honestly could not stop eating it.  The dark meat chicken was tender and moist, and the rice was fluffy and perfectly seasoned.  The whole thing shouted with flavor all the way through.  Excellent take on a classic dish.

PS – Friend was turned down by aforementioned waitress.  Ohhh!


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