The Top 100 List: #78 Ellyngton’s “Portobello Eggs Florentine”


Ellyngton’s “Portobello Eggs Florentine”

Location: Brown Palace – Downtown

Rating: 7 (out of 10)

Price: $14

The Skinny: The “charm” of the Brown Palace is lost on me.  Their tan and brown colors may pass for old world elegance with some, but to me, it all seems drab and dated.  I prefer to think of the Brown Palace as the place that the Beatles stayed prior to playing at Red Rocks.  As the story goes, there was a flood of housekeeper job applications by young girls, and money was offered for the sheets they slept in and the dishes they ate on.  I regret to say, I got no offers for my dish once I was done.  If I had, I would have handed over a completely clean plate – the food was delicious.

If you think about the ingredients: (egg, spinach, tomato, mushroom) all of these are soft in consistency, but Ellyngtons does a nice job of incorporating some bacon for flavor and texture.  It’s chewy and crispy, and adds a great salt balance to the creaminess of the eggs and hollandaise sauce.  Speaking of balance, they put a nice ruby-red strawberry on the side of the plate, which I thought was probably there to add color and make the dish look “breakfasty”.  I was wrong.  The acid was very refreshing and cut through all of the cream and fat in the dish.  Very nice note to finish the plate on.

One last thing.  They gave a palate cleanser for breakfast.  For breakfast!  How cool is that!  It was a watermelon lemonade shot.  And how did it taste, you might be asking?  I couldn’t really tell you since I just swallowed a gulp of my screaming hot coffee moments before it arrived.  The lingering coffee just murdered the soft and delicate flavors of the drink.  Oh well, it looked as though it might have been nice.


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3 Responses to “The Top 100 List: #78 Ellyngton’s “Portobello Eggs Florentine””

  • Jen Says:

    I think you are too kind….for me for $14 I was not impressed for $8-$9 maybe, and I was offered an apricot cleanser with mine (didn’t accept, as I am allergic to apricots) but other than that, it wasn’t special at all to me, not for the price they are charging. As far as the atmosphere, drab is my thought, however, I will say, that I’ve dined there several times with my 2 yr old son, including to their brunch and they have gone out of their way to entertain him, even taking him on a tour of the kitchen and giving him a chefs hat to take home. They also made him Grilled cheese for breakfast as he was on an impromtu egg strike as of that morning and it was on the house. So for that, I will continue to return, but only for the Florentine, not so much.

  • jko Says:

    Funny review, Jen. I like the impromptu egg strike!
    Come to think of it, you have a point about the price – $14 is pretty steep for that breakfast. I should also say that the portobello in the dish is a substitute for bread, right? Must likely an english muffin. As such, it was slightly less enjoyable in flavor than an english muffin would have been, but I figured the health benefits outweighed that.

  • Jen Says:

    Sorry for my off the wall contributions…I used to have a restaurant in California, so tend to look at things off center ;)

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