The Top 100 List: #76 Jerusalem’s “Baba Ghanouj”


Jerusalem’s “Baba Ghanouj”

Location: DU

Rating: 4 (out of 10)

Price:  $5.50

The Skinny: I have no doubt that Jerusalem’s has a very vocal and loyal following.  I got there on a late afternoon and nearly sprinted to claim the only open table in the place, barely beating the other disappointed and slower patron.  Once I did, a quick look around revealed the college-cult atmosphere: scruffy faces, backpacks, hats slightly askew.  I half expected to see a philosophy club meeting complete with thoughtful expressions – perhaps that ended before I showed up.  Regardless, it’s a decent little hang-out spot.  One that’s certainly beloved in that area.  I wondered if it was the proximity to the school, or the food that made it so.

Whatever it is, it can’t be the Baba Ghanouj.  I’m no expert on the dish, but I do know bitter pretty well and this had it in spades.  At times, the bitter seemed almost pleasant, like the taste of unsweetened cocoa, and other times it wasn’t pleasant at all.  In consistency and presentation, it’s very similar to hummus, which for my money had to have been better.

As I was leaving, the table next to me asked what I had and whether I liked it.  I was honest and told them my thoughts.  Upon hearing it, they were shocked and unanimously insisted that I had to go back – I had to give it a second chance.  Ok, cultists, I’ll give it another try… just don’t ask me to start building a village in Guyana.


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