The Top 100 List: #75 Elways Lamb Chop Fondue


Elways “Lamb Chop Fondue”

Location: Cherry Creek

Rating: 8.8 (out of 10)

Price: $16

The Skinny: I generally have a bias against restaurants bearing the name of a famous athlete or celebrity.  And not without reason.  Lasorda’s in LA, D. Wade’s in Miami, even Dante (Bichette)’s Sports Grill right here in Denver – All phenomenal flops.  I’m leery that it’s just some restaurant group pushing out mediocre food and using the big name as a marketing ploy.  I also don’t turn into a fawning 13 year old girl over John Elway like some of my contemporaries, in fact, I get a little turned off by the worship.  After having the food, however, I might just fawn over this restaurant… if only it were named anything else.

Their lamb chop fondue was absolutely delicious.  The 3 perfectly cooked lollipops of lamb were flawless in execution and inventive in presentation.  The meat is staged on top of roasted sweet potatoes and sits next to a heated bowl of green chili cheese fondue meant for dipping.  Grabbing the lamb by the bone handle, my first bite of meat was phenomenal.  It was everything I love about lamb – that tender, gamey richness of flavor.  The fondue itself was a playful addition, and as my wife pointed out “you can never go wrong with melted cheese”.  But to have 3 lamb chops as good as this for $16 is a genuine steal.

You win this round, Elway…


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