Must Eat Denver – Best Indian

Royal India

Colorado and I-25 (near Best Buy)

Chicken Tikka Masala, medium plus (this is the spice factor), cheese naan. On the menu, NOT from the buffet.

Ahhh Indian Food. Yes, there are more expensive and fancier Indian places, but if I was telling a friend (and have done so) to go to just one Indian place in town, it’s this one. Their Chicken Tikka is flat out delicious. Perfect blend of cream and spice, the chicken is moist white meat, and the cheese naan is crisp and gooey. The flat, crunchy papadam before the entree is also pretty addicting with the red, sweet sauce.

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5 Responses to “Must Eat Denver – Best Indian”

  • Mika Says:

    Clearly if you are talking about Chicken Tika Masala you know nothing about Indian food, it was a dish invented in England. Come on do a little research. I liked some of your other reviews but this is lowering your creditability.

  • jko Says:

    Guilty. I don’t know much about authentic Indian food. But nowhere in the review did I talk about that. Like it or not, Chicken Tikka is Indian – just like Sesame chicken is Chinese. Who cares where it was created, you can’t get it anywhere else. The two are linked, just like you are linked to posing as 6 different people.

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    Must Eat Denver – Best Indian | Must Eat Denver…

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