The Top 100 List #69: Ninth Door’s “Aguacate (Flash fried avocado)”


Ninth Door’s “Aguacate (flash fried avocado)”

Location: Downtown

Rating: 5.8 (out of 10)

Price: $6

The Skinny: I’ve been to Ninth Door a few times in the past and always enjoyed the time.  Something about the trendy vibe and the small plates that I’m into.  I get to play cool for an hour and try plate after plate of small, satisfying bites – how can that go wrong?  But, as far as tapas go, The Med in Boulder will always have my heart.  And not just because of their policy of hiring attractive waitresses (a well known fact among CU students) – their food and prices are awesome.  Janet Reno could serve me their tapas and I would still be in love.

Moments after our waiter (looking nothing like Janet Reno incidentally), dropped off the Aguacate, I was pretty sure I would dig it.  A deep fried avocado served with pico de gallo?  Pleeease.

First bite: very good.

Second bite: pretty good.

Third bite: just ok.

By the time I was done with it, I was ready to move on.  My biggest criticism is that it sorely lacked salt, which is mandatory to bring out the amazing flavor of an avocado.  And I felt that the creamy goodness of the fruit got a little buried under the breading. Overall it started off great, and then faded like a stick of bubble gum, finally settling in at just above average.


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