The Top 100 List: #66 Jing’s “Miso Sea Bass”

miso sea bass

Jing’s “Miso Sea Bass”

Location: Tech Center

Rating: 7.5 (out of 10)

Price: $25

The Skinny: After roughly 20 minutes at the table, my wife says to me, “I can’t decide if I like the décor, or if I think it’s trashy”.  I’m amused, and then I look around and think the same thing.  Lots of purple, lots of white, possibly some velvet – a bunch of frilly things.  As if Prince just walked in off the street and designed the whole room.  But, onto the dish…

Their miso-glazed sea bass was very good.  The sauce was sweet & light – working well with the delicate fish.  On this instance, I thought the execution was a little imbalanced – my fish was cooked a little too long and made the sea bass more firm in some parts than it should have been.  In other parts, however, it was tender and soft, giving a glimpse of what the whole dish should/could have been, which was excellent.


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