The Top 100 List: #64 Star Kitchen’s Dim Sum


Star Kitchen’s “Dim Sum”

Location: Federal and Mississippi

Rating: 8 (out of 10)

Price: varies but always under $4

The Skinny: I’ve always heard of Star Kitchen.  And always with glowing praise -  “The go-to spot for Dim Sum in all of Denver” they say.  Walking up to the door, my eye catches a sign that reads:

“Top 100 Chinese Restaurant in the Country – candidate.”

Candidate?  They give signs simply for being considered for a top 100 list?  I’m guessing they didn’t get in since I didn’t see an adjoining poster for the real deal. Maybe the judges didn’t try their dim sum – It’s outrageously good.

Served off rolling carts, their dumplings are wrapped so tight that once pierced with your teeth, they explode gloriously in your mouth.  It’s like a flavor firecracker.  I had enough to feed a small village by myself, and each was better than the last.  Two of my favorites: Orange dumplings with pork and mushrooms, and the fried shrimp wontons.  I have become a believer.


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