The Top 100 List: #61 Panzano’s “Capesante con Risotto”


Panzano’s “Capesante con risotto”

Location: Downtown

Rating: 7 (out of 10)

Price: $24

The Skinny: For me, Panzano has established itself as one of the standards in Denver.  If you’re craving Italian where anything on the menu is great,  on the list towards the top is bound to be Panzano.  Our little slice of Italy right in the middle of downtown.  Why, even a college girl could get wrongly convicted of murder here… allegedly.

The dish itself was plated beautifully, and the taste was light and creamy throughout.  Scallops were seared to a mouthwatering golden brown.  Risotto was rich and well seasoned.  The combination of basil oil, raisins, and lemon nage gave it a brightness that felt refreshing.  I only wish there was more of it, particularly for $24.


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