The Top 100 List: #60 Arada’s Doro Wat


Arada’s “Doro Wat”

Location: Santa Fe

Rating: 5.5 (out of 10)

Price: $10.50

The Skinny: I am no expert on Ethiopian dining, that’s for sure.  Nor do I hide it well either.  After asking the waitress/cook for a fork, she smiled at me with amused pity and suggested that I use the things at the end of my arms (my hands).  Ohhhhh snap!!  In your face, uncultured American, IN YO FACE!

Hands in full use, I dug into the Doro Wat – a chicken dish that takes 10 hours to cook, and is served along with a few sides atop a thin spongy flatbread.  The flatbread is interesting because of its uniqueness – half crepe, half bread, it tasted decent and did a pretty good job as a wrapper to the chicken and 4 sides on the plate.  The idea is to jam everything together in a strip of the flatbread and let them blend together in your mouth.  I found the sides to be a little above average in flavor, but mostly the chicken was a letdown.  Overcooked and dry.  Not even the scorching spicy heat could save it.

Overall, it was something different and decent.  And I’m not really convinced I got their best shot.  If the chicken was cooked to be tender, it could go up to a 6.5.


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