The Top 100 List: #59 The Wine Loft’s “Brie en Croute”


The Wine Loft’s “Brie en Croute”

Location: Downtown

Rating: 5.5 (out of 10)

Price: $10

The Skinny: My feeling is that if you include a national chain on this list (which Wine Loft is), the must-eat there better be a total knockout.  It better be leaps and bounds over anything local.  So walking through the door, I had high expectations.

As an avid maker of Brie en Croute for years and years, I was excited to try someone else’s take on it.  Maybe they could put a twist on it that would reinvent it for me.  Once the plate arrived, I noticed the balsamic glaze, the sprinkle of walnuts, and the other elements on the plate – it looked like things were going in the right direc…. Wait….Where the hell was the puff pastry??  Where was that perfectly light and flaky shell?  Where was the buttery goodness wrapping the whole thing up?  WHERE DAMMIT?  In its place was an imposter.  An inferior outside in taste, texture, and plain ol’ tradition.  It was like an anchor to the dish.  No matter how good the brie and outside components were, no matter how funny the phallic shape of the pastry, the plate could not be saved


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