The Top 100 List: #56 Rioja’s “Beignets”


Rioja’s “Beignets”

Location: Downtown

Rating: 9.5 (out of 10)

Price: $7

The Skinny: Wow…  I guess I should have seen it coming with Chef Jen’s stellar reputation, but wow.  I think I have a pretty decent background in Beignets, having tried a half dozen different types in New Orleans, including those of the famed “Café DuMonde”.  This blew all of them away.  Handily.

These soft, crispy pillows will literally melt in your mouth.  The creamy inside is filled with 2 types of cheeses and fig, and although this sounds like a lot, it’s all very light – almost like a custard.  The outside is dusted with powdered sugar, and lays on streaks of a port wine and fig reduction.  Absolutely delicious – every single bite.  The pillows burst with flavor and have a perfect soft crunch that is insanely sweet and addicting.  This is the best that Beignets get.

**Update: A friend pointed out that the credit for this dish really shouldn’t all go to Jen Jasinski, but rather to Eric Dale, the pastry chef at Rioja.  Completely agree.


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