The Top 100 List: #50 Bastein’s “Sugar Steak”


Bastien’s “16 oz Sugar Steak”

Location: E. Colfax

Rating: 5.1 (out of 10)

Price: $25

The Skinny: Yawn…

I imagine this dish wound up on this list because on the restaurant’s marquee it screams “HOME OF THE FAMOUS SUGAR STEAK!”  Look – it’s famous, it says it right there on the sign!!  In reality, it would have a hard time being famous if it crashed into a tree after cheating on its hot Norwegian wife.

The flavor was average throughout, even with the fun story of it being bourbon soaked and sprinkled with brown sugar.  I’m guessing it was cooked entirely on the grill, due to the fact that the outside was charred pretty heavily, but the inside was on the rare side of medium rare.  And I’m not anti-char, but a good sear should be sufficient, I don’t have to taste carbon in every bite. Having said that (nod to Curb your Enthusiasm), I had a few decent bites.  Overall: a 25 dollar shoulder shrug.  Not bad, not great.


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