The top 100 list: #48 Watercourse Foods “Portabello Ruben”


Watercourse Food’s “Portabello Mushroom Ruben”

Location: 17th st

Rating: 5 (out of 10)

Price: $9.25

The Skinny: Watercourse Foods is a vegetarian spot that’s made its mark even among Denver’s non-veggies.  And I commend that.  It’s not an easy feat.  So it was with some curiosity that I ordered the “must eat” mushroom Ruben, a sandwich that I’ve known and loved since it was slummin’ it with Pastrami or Turkey at a local deli.  This incarnation featured chopped (not whole) bits of portabello mushroom, with the usual standards: rye, kraut, and thousand island dressing.

The verdict?  Well…It was good, but in a vegetarian-food sorta way.  Which I suppose is like saying, “it was good for army food.”  Now, I’m not suggesting that it’s good enough for vegetarians, but not for me – as if they have lower standards or something.  All I’m saying is that I recognize that it’s difficult to match the original Ruben in taste and bite with a chopped mushroom, and I’m giving them credit for even coming close.  However, this list is supposed to represent the best dishes in Denver, right?  Not the best veggie dishes in Denver.  So I feel duty-bound to call it out.  This was respectable, but not worthy.


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