The Top 100 List #46: Liks Ice Cream’s “Jack Daniels Chocolate Chip”


Liks Ice Cream “Jack Daniels Chocolate Chip”

Location: 13th st

Rating: 7 (out of 10)

The Skinny: This particular flavor is so popular, I had to put my name down on a list to be called when it arrived.  But after my first little bit, I was glad I did.  The chocolate chips are sweet and rich, and the flavor of the ice cream hits a lot of good notes.  According to the oddly sweet employee (who called me “hon”), they do actually mix Jack Daniels into the chocolate ice cream recipe, which I was excited to hear.  It gave the whole thing a caramel & alcohol flavor that combined perfectly with the chocolate.  No word on when they’ll introduce the Jack & Coke ice cream float.


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