The Top 100 List #45: El Taco de Mexico’s “Chile Relleno Burrito”


El Taco de Mexico “Chile Relleno Burrito”

Location: Santa Fe and 6th

Rating: 7.9 (out of 10)

The Skinny: There is a certain attraction about a place that makes no excuses for the decor and just blows you away with their food.  El Taco de Mexico is such a place.

I wouldn’t call it “run down” necessarily; it’s just that it never started out as much to begin with.  It’s basically a long counter with an equally long board over it offering a selection of mexican favorites – sometimes translated to English, but generally not.  The Chile Relleno burrito was why I was here, but you could make a pretty certain guess that anything they serve would be good.  Back to the Chile Relleno Burrito – it was absolutely delicious, every bit deserving to be on a list of top eats in Denver.  I had mine smothered in Green Chili, which I highly recommend, since it was so good I nearly licked the plate for more.  Yeah, it’s not going to fit into anyone’s weight loss program with the dollop of refried beans in every burrito, but god damn was it good.


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