The Top 100 List: #44 – 240 Union’s “Chicken Fried Lobster Tail”

Chicken Fried Lobster Tail

240 Union’s “Chicken Fried Lobster Tail”

Location: 6th and Union

Rating: 7.8 (out of 10)

Price: $26

The Skinny: Could anything sound better?  Simultaneously invoking the thought of crispy fried chicken and delicate, moist lobster – this dish promises much and nearly delivers it.  The crust is what you’ve come to expect from anything chicken fried – golden, ruffled, and crisp.  The lobster inside was cooked very well – soft and tender, yet firm enough to stand up to the crisp shell.  And the tarragon sauce was genuinely fantastic.

So… why not a higher rating?  Well, although on their own, the components were executed very well, the issue was that when you combined them, it was a little like simply eating a wonderful piece of fried chicken.  For me, the shell overpowered the subtle and delicate flavor of the lobster tail, giving you a feel only for the tenderness, and missing out on everything else.  Having the feeling of eating a terrific piece of fried chicken is nothing to complain about, mind you, but it doesn’t quite make it to the lofty standard that the description implies.  Still a really excellent dish – and I cannot say enough about the delicious tarragon sauce.  I want to put it in my cereal.


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