The Top 100 List: #43 Baur’s “Famous Mija Pie”

Mija Pie

Baur’s “Famous Mija Pie”

Location: Downtown

Rating: 6.7 (out of 10)

Price: $8

The Skinny: Baur’s has a long and impressive Denver tradition – 100+ yrs of candy making, restaurant running, and high society catering.  All of which is quite evident when you step through the doors and take in the scene.  It’s all fairly old school, like you just stepped out of color and into black and white.  You get the sense that you might be out of place without a black top hat and cane like the other “gentlemen” of the day.  This facade thankfully falls away once acquainted with the younger and more casual restaurant staff who were more than accommodating to my late afternoon single order of Mija Pie (pronounced “my-jah”).

You might expect that a former confectionary would put out a delicious homemade dessert… and they certainly do.  Fittingly, the best parts of the dish were the chunks of English toffee candy, which I found delightful and the waitress admitted was the only Toffee she’s ever enjoyed.  I wish they had found a way to incorporate the chocolate without making it a pudding, but it did the job.  Overall, I left plenty satisfied, accepting the many calories I’d just consumed as a fair trade for the joy I got out of it.


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