The Top 100 List: #42 Chez Jose’s “Grilled Fish Tacos”


Chez Jose “Grilled Fish Tacos”

Location: Cherry Creek

Rating: 5 (out of 10)

Price: $7.75

The Skinny: Maybe we’re a little spoiled in Colorado when it comes to our fast Mexican food scene.  We’re the birthplace of Chipotle, Qdoba, and Il Pete’s – within miles of Wahoo and Costa Vida – and around any corner have access to the hole-in-the-wall authentic stuff.  If nothing else, we have decent benchmarks for taste and preparation.

Chez Jose’s Fish tacos just didn’t go anywhere above and beyond that benchmark.  For one thing, the tacos are a complete and utter mess.  I’m not usually one to pick on this, but c’mon… they fall apart faster than middle east peace.  You’re left eating 80% of the taco by scooping it with a fork, which just won’t do.  One bright spot is the flavor of the fish, which is pretty good – spicy and tender.  Overall: dead average.


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