The Top 100 List: #41 Lucille’s “Eggs Jennifer”

Eggs Jennifer

Lucille’s Creole Cafe “Eggs Jennifer”

Location: Logan and Alameda

Rating: 7 (out of 10)

The Skinny: I’ve generally stayed away from bringing price too much into the equation, but $10.50 for eggs benedict deserves to be pointed out.  With that warning, it really is a great tasting breakfast.  The eggs were poached beautifully – firm without breaking or cooking too far.  The yolk spilling out like a cream over the spinach, tomato, and English muffin.  I know it’s hard to screw up hollandaise (Snooze), but theirs was mouthwatering.  Add in a soft avocado, and it all worked very, very well – good for the soul.


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