The Top 100 List: #40 D Bar Desserts “Cake and Shake”

Cake and Shake

D Bar Desserts “Cake and Shake”

Location: E 17th

Rating: 9 (out of 10)

The Skinny: So, I watch the Food Network here and there, and I am big fan of spiky hair D Bar owner, Keegan Gerhart (who also hosts Food Network Challenge).  But I’m more in awe of him for making this amazing shake than being on TV.  The vanilla shake itself is a delicious version of the classic, with one profound addition: the impossibly good chocolate pearls.  Mixed in throughout the shake are these crunchy little round cereals coated in dark chocolate.  One taste of the two together, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.  It’s sensational.  As Evey M said, it “cannot even be described without using profanity”.

The cake, I have to say, does not match up to its partner in flavor, ingenuity, or profanity.  Sure, it’s rich, decadent, and sweet, but nothing that you haven’t seen many times before.  The shake is why this made the top 100 list and gets the high rating.


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