The Top 100 List: #36 Beatrice and Woodsley’s “Car Eatin Catfish”


Beatrice and Woodsley’s “Car Eatin Catfish”

Location: Broadway

Rating: 6.6 (out of 10)

The Skinny: I’ll admit, I like a good themed plate.  I once ordered swordfish at a restaurant and it was served on a sword – much to my delight.  In that spirit was the car eatin catfish, a southern dish which was served on a wood plank with a Georgia license plate, a side of grits, and fried green beans.  All that was missing was some moonshine and a NASCAR race.

The catfish, admittedly, is not something I would generally order at a restaurant, but this one exceeded my expectations.  Lightly fried, the fish was moist and flakey throughout.  Unfortunately, I found the breading to be oddly inferior to the excellent crust on the fried beans, and the green tomato sauce didn’t do much either way. The green beans, incidentally, weren’t even the best thing on the plate.  That title belongs to the surprisingly tasty rock shrimp grits, which were a pleasant surprise.  Overall this was pretty decent and might just have changed the way I see catfish from here on.


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