Must Eat Denver – Best Fries


Claim Jumper
470 and Quebec

The Dish:
Anything with Shoestring Salt and Pepper Fries

They’ve got that look: thin, crisp, hot, and seasoned. A fry should crunch when you bite into it, and never needs ketchup to be awesome. I know Claim Jumper is a chain, but they really get this one thing right. It’s the only time where I’ll finish the entire plate of fries even before taking the first bite of my sandwich

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2 Responses to “Must Eat Denver – Best Fries”

  • David Says:

    Hey, I thought this was must eat denver. What are you doing all the way down in Highlands Ranch?

  • jko Says:

    Technically, you are right David. The same can be said of Bara too. Where does greater Denver end and the south area start? Tech Center?

    I should say there are a few good one’s in Denver: Wazee and Forrest Room 5. I hear good things about Encore, and I’ll be trying that very soon.

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