The Top 100 List: #34 Bones’ “Suckling Pig Steamed Buns”


Bones’ “Suckling Pig Steamed Buns”

Location: Governors Park

Rating: 7 (out of 10)

The Skinny: Frank Bonnano’s noodle bar lives up to his excellent reputation with these tasty little buns.  Yes, the suckling pig (great way to write “pork”), hoisin, and green onions were delicious – but make no mistake, this is a bun dish.  Its got to be 70% bun, 30% fillings.  And the bun is good – fluffy, soft, pliable.  Ok, maybe it was slightly too much bun for me, but that didn’t hold back the dish much.  The hoisin and chili  sauce on the side added an excellent punch to the fillings, giving the whole thing a sweet, spicy, meaty bite.

Just a side note – the miso broth in their noodle bowl is amazing.  And having the chef right in front of me, moving like a whirlwind, yet still tasting her flavors every time was a great sign.


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