Must Eat Denver – Best BBQ


40th and Tennyson Area

Center Cut St Louis Ribs

There are 2 main competitors for best bbq ribs in Denver: Big Hoss and Yazoo. Having tried both of them recently, I can say their reputations are very well deserved. Flavor -wise, both were outstanding. In the end, Yazoo fell off the bone slightly easier, but had a fattier composition, and there was just something about the ribs at Big Hoss that made me want to eat every last morsel of meat on the bones. I was sad when it was over at Big Hoss, looking closely at every bone for more. For me, that gives it a slight edge over Yazoo.

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  • Rob Says:

    Thanks for the thoughts, I can’t wait to try some bbq in Denver. For the most part, I always leave feeling let down.

    May I suggest going to Jabo’s bbq on arapahoe. Nothing special to look at, but I love their food.

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