The Top 100 List: #27 Larkburger’s TruffleBurger


Larkburger’s “Truffle Burger”

Location: Boulder

Rating: 5.9

The Skinny: When I saw Larkburger on the list, it seemed a little odd since the closest joint is in Boulder.  And if you’re going to include Boulder, where is the must eat dish from a heavyweight like Frasca?  Perhaps the Truffle burger down 36 is so good that it was worth the exception?

Regrettably,  no.  Although I found the truffle aioli to be very good indeed, the rest of the burger was fairly average.  Like what you’d expect out of a neighbors backyard bbq.  Nothing special about the bun, onion, lettuce, or the meat, except that they lay in proximity to the delicious truffle sauce.


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