The Top 100 List: #25 Parallel 17′s Tuna Taro Tacos

Tuna Taro Tacos

Parallel 17 “Tuna Taro Tacos”

Location: E 17th st

Rating: 6.5

The Skinny:

“if the Gods had not created yellow honey, men would say the figs are far sweeter”

- Xenophanies (foodie/philsopher, few thousand yrs ago)

The point that ‘ol Xeno makes is about relative taste, and how it affects final judgement.  I submit the Tuna Taro Tacos at P17.  The taste is good, but the biggest problem facing the dish is that the strikingly similar “Won Ton Tacos” at Zengo are even better.  Both plates are near mirror images of each other: 3 small, hard shell tacos, filled with cubes of tuna, over a bed of avocado (mousse at P17, guac at Zengo).  Although both work very well, the shells and guac at Zengo add another dimension that isn’t matched at P17.  Even second best it’s still quite good – but would be much better without the Zengo version to compare it to.


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