Must Eat Denver – Best Sesame Chicken

Chef King
Louisville – S. Boulder Rd (strip mall w/ King Soopers and Big Lots)

The Dish:
Sesame Chicken

Never heard of Chef King? Makes sense with it being tucked away as a tiny hole in the wall in Lousiville. Not exactly prime real estate. But those who have discovered it have become true blue addicts of their sesame chicken, the best in the city.

With it being about 20 minutes from downtown, I’ve tried dozens of closer chinese places, hoping to find one that serves it up like Chef King does: Crispy golden hunks of chicken, smothered in a honey sesame sauce that is perfectly spicy and sweet. Sadly, I haven’t found one that compares. The way to eat this thing is to take the food and drop it into a tupperware bowl, mix it around so that the rice is coated and sticking all over the chicken. Enjoy

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