Must Eat Denver – Best Pizza

The oven
BelMar – Wadsworth and Alameda, near the Dick’s Store and Whole Foods

The Dish:
Brian’s Pie (Now called “Brioni’s Pie”… regrettably)

Brian’s Pie is the best pizza in Denver and it’s the daily special. That’s just how good their pizza is. The special always changes and, it’s always outstanding. There are a few really decent pizza makers in Denver but, The Oven is head and shoulders above the rest. The fact that their special is always the best pizza around just means they do everything else extremely well. As with all craft pizza joints, it’s all about dough, heat, and sauce. And in the case of The Oven, they’ve taken great care to ensure the perfection of all 3. The dough is mixed on-site (you can see the mixer) and comes out thin, perfectly crispy and easy to bite into. They cook in a custom wood burning oven, which produces a bubbly texture with a great smoke flavor from the wood. And their homemade marinara and white sauces are flavorful and delicious. No matter what they put on those pies, it works every single time.

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