The Top 100 List: #18: Virgilio’s House Favorite Pizza & Garlic Knots


Virgilios “House Favorite Pizza & Garlic Knots”

Location: Bel Mar area

Rating: 6.8

The Skinny: Toppings worked very, very well.  The sausage is sliced so thin, it crunches like bacon, and the ricotta gives it a creamy balance to the salty flavor of the cheese.  The pan fried garlic knots were crispy and also very good.  Ultimately, I really enjoyed this pizza, but thought that the crust was only slightly above average, which was unfortunate.  Also working against Virgilio’s here is the close proximity to The Oven, which is just across the street and happens to put out the best pizza anywhere in Denver. Having said that, I can can’t completely disagree with the multiple award wins, and the small cult following.

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One Response to “The Top 100 List: #18: Virgilio’s House Favorite Pizza & Garlic Knots”

  • Kelly Says:

    This pizza is decent. The garlic knots were good. The sauce served with the knots was bland…they were actually better without the sauce.

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