Denver Magazine’s Top 100 Must Eats #13: Fuel Cafe’s Lamb Wrap


Fuel Cafe’s “Lamb Wrap”

Location: Close to Coors Field

Rating (1-10): 5

The Skinny: I really love a well cooked lamb dish.  Whether on its own, over a salad, or wrapped in a pita, I just love the flavor of the meat.  You almost can’t screw up lamb for me, I thought.

Proving me wrong was Fuel Café, whose lamb wrap came with everything in it except flavor.  Like a bad movie with a favorite actor, deep down I really wanted to like it – I found myself waiting for it to get better, holding out hope that I just hadn’t gotten to the good part.  The pita was decent, but the lamb meatballs were bland, the hummus and sauce were nothing special, and the lettuce was out of place.  By the last bite, I had resigned to the disappointment, blaming the director for not utilizing the lamb’s true talent.

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4 Responses to “Denver Magazine’s Top 100 Must Eats #13: Fuel Cafe’s Lamb Wrap”

  • Kelly Says:

    This sandwich deserves a 3. It is not good. The best bite I had of this sandwich was one in which my entire bite was bread only. That’s sad.

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