Top 10 Burgers in Denver – ParkBurger’s “Park Burger”

Park Burger’s “Park Burger”

Location: Pearl St (down the street from Sushi Den)

Price: $6

The Skinny: Fresh.  It’s something you can’t really imitate, right?  You can’t make something taste fresh with more chemicals, food coloring, a clever perfume, or whatever the hell they do in food labs in New Jersey.  Fresh is earned.  It’s the crispness of the break in the lettuce, the firm edge of a tomato, the brightness of the meat.  And you know it when you taste it.

That’s the overall stamp of ParkBurger.  True, they also show some fun creativity with the menu (burger with ham, fried egg, and swiss anyone?), but the baseline part of the burger – beef, bun, cheese, the usual toppings – fresh as a daisy.  I got mine with caramelized onions and 2 kinds of cheese, but you can make a good guess that all of the options are pretty great.  They all start with this same, fresh baseline.  Mine was delicious.  I basically wolfed it down in 5-10 minutes.  It’s one of those that you can’t wait to have the next bite, so you just keep taking it.

The beef yields a perfectly medium rare center – pink and bright against the seared brown outside.  The bun toasted and steamed, holding together just long enough for me to finish – maybe not much longer.  Globs of melted cheese moving and gathering, picking up stray sweetened onions along the way.  All of it fresh, all of it delicious.  Got to be one of the 5 best burgers in the city right now.


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6 Responses to “Top 10 Burgers in Denver – ParkBurger’s “Park Burger””

  • Sarah Says:

    Mmmm Park Burger. I think I can safely say this is my current fave. Not just because the burger is juicy goodness on a perfectly steamed bun with a slight toast, but also because of the environment. It is not stuffy, uppity or bland. It is neighborhoody and I can hang for a few.

    Now the burger……I agree wholeheartedly. Fresh is key and they do it right. My fave is complete with a runny egg yolk and an order of fries. I love it.

  • Claire Denis Says:

    Me – and my family – believe this is truly the best burger in town. Have been there at least 20 times – always good, fresh, etc. Good friendly service, excellent salad and a good house-wine and belgian beers – what else can we ask for ?

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