Jun 6 2010

Top 10 Burgers in Denver: Cherry Cricket’s “Green Chili Cheeseburger”

Cherry Cricket’s “Green Chili Cheeseburger”

Location: Cherry Creek

Price:  $7.5

The Skinny: Any Denver burger list worth its salt simply cannot neglect the patriarch – the godfather of the local scene: Our beloved… Cherry Cricket.

While I may not be as enamored with them as my peers, I completely get the reverence.  The place is unquestionably an institution – from the curious “Duffy’s” sign out front (name of 1960’s owner), to the cramped quarters when you walk in, to the comforting way they revel in their greasy rebelliousness.  I mean, come on… who doesn’t love a place where the tagline is: “if Cherry Creek North is the diamond, we’re the flaw”?  They’re loveable in a self-aware kind of way.  But it also helps that their burgers are renowned for their taste, and the Green Chili Cheeseburger is as good as any other variety in the joint to highlight.

Why is it as good as any, you might wonder?  Because it doesn’t matter one bit what toppings you put on their burgers, the terrific meat will save it.  It’s a sure thing.  That’s what the folks line up for.  And really, the toppings don’t do a whole lot to elevate it, either.  They can be fairly flavorless and bland as an accompaniment.  They’re like the other 2 singers in The Supreme’s – it’s not that they’re bad, but you just really only remember Diana Ross.  And that’s what their patty is like: a greasy, delicious Diana Ross… without the crazy.  The green chili and cheese merely give the beef a decent platform from which to shine.  Definitely a top 10 burger in Denver.


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